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By Chelsie Markel, Art Director

Great designs don’t just appear out of thin air. You can’t wave a magic wand, stir in some Photoshop hocus pocus and voilà – a killer brochure or ad campaign appears. Yet sometimes that’s what designers are expected to do. Create something extraordinary out of nothing.

In this unsteady economy, there’s a need to work more efficiently, cut back costs and shorten turnaround time. Often, some very important steps in the design process are ignored, and we jump right to design production – skipping the thinking, the rationale, the big idea. Unfortunately, that can be a costly decision. You could end up with a design that looks great visually but doesn’t connect with your target audience. A piece that misses the mark with messaging and doesn’t evoke action.  And your investment goes right down the drain.You wouldn’t go to a builder and say, “I’d like you to build my dream house. Here is the paint, the fabric and furniture. When I come back in a few weeks, I expect to be able to move in.” Sounds absurd, right? In reality, you have to first talk with the builder to choose a floor plan and structural details that meet your needs before you’d ever consider the cosmetic, finishing touches. The foundation, walls and roof of a house are essential. All of which needs to be in place before interior design can begin.

CONTINUE Stop. Think. Design..


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